Fighting propaganda in authoritarian regimes


Our Mission

The Open Minds Institute (OMI) works to build a society with an access to verified information and protect citizens from authoritarian propaganda

We are an international think tank established to cultivate media pluralism and fight propaganda in authoritarian regimes and areas of their influence. 

OMI uses sophisticated methods to get through the hurdles and restrictions imposed on media consumption in authoritarian regimes.

We bridge:
- data science, machine learning
- political and social psychology
- behavioral sciences
- cultural anthropology
- digital marketing & message delivery

OMI consists of 1. narrative team (experts on propaganda, social and political psychology), 2. delivery channels (ads, news channels, Telegram, SMS, phone calls), and 3. analytics team (data scientists, sociologists).

OMI also has regional research centers for Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus that conduct opinion polls, research, narratives ideation, and coordinates the decentralized initiative groups in the countries affected by propaganda.

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