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Behaviour Change For Conflicts De-Escalation

We are a think & do tank fighting the impact of propaganda and cultivating open-mindedness to de-escalate geopolitical conflicts.
Current focus: Russo-Ukrainian war.
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our mission

Cultivate Open-Mindedness And Fight The Impact Of Propaganda

Our Vision

A world where critical thinking and open-mindedness de-escalate conflicts, liberating society from misleading narratives.

Our Approach

We combine cutting-edge AI technologies with world-class analytical teams to delve into information threats, assess their influence, and formulate countermeasures.


We employ innovative digital media distribution methods that penetrate the iron curtain to reach the audience: online ads driven by AI-optimised algorithms and carefully selected news channels.


We delve deeper than just the socio-demographic understanding of the audience. We validate our hypotheses through psychological experiments and analysis of behavioural patterns.

Social & Behavioural Sciences

We analyse real-world events and publicly available information to identify existing societal threats, malign influence and weaknesses of the authoritarian regime. 


Open-Source Intelligence

With our proprietary AI software, we scrutinise online activity, attitudes, and sentiments to track emerging narratives and assess their impact on societal attitudes and behaviours.

AI & Big Data

We pay close attention to local symbols, memes, narratives, historical context, and cultural differences.


our reports

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